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At this point we enter daily the current scrap prices for Carbide known.
Carbide scrap and tungsten carbide are generally subject to daily price fluctuations.
The higher the quantity or demand, the higher can fail even the current price. < br> Insbesonder indexable inserts, carbide and carbide scrap be
often price sold to unsavory brokers.
Our pricing policy is not uncommon on the current market price and can all
24 hours on our side reread be.
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International contractor will notify us if you want an exchange.
From the smallest amount to container purchases from warehouse resolutions, overproduction . and
Remnants or insolvencies.

The main products are:
- indexable inserts (new and old)
- Drilling equipment and tools Rentals
- HSS machine tap < br>
- blanks and drills and routers Rentals
- and of course, carbide and carbide scrap

A corresponding payment is made in most cases Bar & on site or in the form of a credit on the account after sending
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Our current prices for carbide scrap


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raw materials are natural resources of the earth, which apart from its recovery still no have undergone processing. Raw materials are either processed or used in their natural form for use. In addition to the natural production of virgin materials, this can also be obtained through recycling. These raw materials are then referred to as secondary raw materials.

The importance of raw materials shows in addition to the present everyday presence and the fact that all historical epochs or human era are named after them, such as bronze or iron age.

Due to their high importance for our civilized world, increasing demands from all over the world, as well as the distribution of various raw materials deposits all over the world, there is a need to act commodities on exchanges worldwide.

The main types of raw materials for trade are energy, precious metals, industrial metals and soft commodities. For the energy sector include not only gas oil products. Known raw materials that are assigned to the precious metals are silver and gold. Raw materials of industrial metals are, for example, aluminum and lead. Among the soft commodities include some foods such as coffee, as well as raw materials such as wood and cotton.

In particular, since the 2008 financial crisis and higher inflation concerns are amplified raw materials fall into the focus of investors. Especially gold and silver were recorded in phases impressive price gains.

From the perspective of investors, however, commodities have compared with traditional shares a major shortcoming. They generate no return or dividend per Held commodity unit. Thus, investors can only participate in price movements of raw materials and just not in annual profit distributions.

The world's largest commodities exchange is the NYSME (New York Mercantile Exchange), the New York Mercantile Exchange. There metals, energy products, agricultural raw materials and other commodities are traded. The industrial metal world's most important commodities exchange, LME (London Metal Exchange), located in London, however in Europe.